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Superb advice for students taking the IELTS who need to improve their writing skills.

This is because more and more people are choosing to study and work in foreign countries. Thousands of people take the IELTS exam each year. IELTS is an international standard for evaluating communicative competence across languages. Although alternative methods exist, such as the Pearson Test of English (PTE), Duolingo, and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Candidates still favor the IELTS above other options. The IELTS test is designed to gauge how well a candidate can read, write, speak, and listen in English. In order to succeed on the IELTS, students enroll at the coaching center, watch online lessons, read advice, and more. If you are studying for the IELTS but are having trouble getting ready, this article is for you. Then you should enroll at the top IELTS Institute in Patiala. The institute introduces you to the fundamentals of each topic, including its structure and instructions. In addition, you can attend master classes and on-demand seminars at this institute. 

Unfortunately, most of the applicants failed the writing section. Since at that time, they must write on two separate topics. Candidates’ band scores in the writing module suffer for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to poor time management, grammatical problems, a lack of ideas, and a limited vocabulary. 

So, in this article, we’ll go over some fantastic suggestions that can raise your band score from the current 5 bands to 7 bands or more.  So, read the article aloud if you are having trouble with the IELTS writing section. 

Check out these writing pointers for IELTS test takers to improve your score on the exam’s writing task.

1) Don’t skimp on the text,  

For Part 1, you should compose 150 words, and for Part 2, 250. Writing less than 250 words will result in a lower band score.

2 ) Don’t ramble on and on- 

Candidates should be mindful of the word restrictions allotted for each job before beginning to write. Examiners will deduct points because your essay is too long and boring. 

3) Predict and double-check your solution

You should jot down a rough draft of your thoughts for the assignment before you begin writing. It’s a time-saver. And don’t forget to set aside some time for proofreading! 

4) Make Task 2 a higher priority.

Time requirements should be established before any assignment is written. Save twenty minutes for step one and forty minutes for step two. Due to its greater importance than Task 1, its weighting is increased. 

5) Clearly state  

You have one hour to complete both writing assignments. Thus, rapid writing is required for success in this endeavor.  But make sure that your writing is easy to understand. To ensure that your examiner has no trouble following along with your writing. 

6) Plan neatly – 

There should be four distinct body paragraphs in your essay. That requires familiarity with the specifics of each inquiry type.  

7) To avoid answering the question, 

The task introduction should in no way resemble the task statement.  You should reword the statement using a different sentence structure and vocabulary words rather than repeating the original.

8) Try out other phrase structures – 

A high score will require you to use proper grammar throughout your work. In addition, you should employ a wide variety of phrase forms.  Several tenses are available, including passive, active, perfect, perfect continuous, and many others. 

9) Make use of sophisticated vocabulary – 

It is imperative that you make use of complex vocabulary in your writing. Additionally, its antonyms can be used as well. There are various synonyms for “child,” including “juvenile,” “youngster,” “adult,” and many more. This word is widely available for study in a wide variety of print and digital media.

Take your time reading the question: 

This is a common blunder made by applicants during writing exercises. They don’t give queries their complete attention. They skim the questions once before getting to work on their answers. Candidates, however, need to study questions attentively so that they can satisfy the requirements of the examiner.

Follow all directions to the letter – 

The importance of following directions cannot be overstated. Candidates must study the assignment’s guidelines thoroughly before beginning the writing process. It will help you gauge the length of your assignments and the level of detail expected of you.

We recommend PTE Institute in Patiala, however, for those who find the IELTS exam particularly challenging. They should enroll in this school and take the PTE exam instead of the more difficult IELTS.


Following the aforementioned tips will help any candidate achieve a high score on the IELTS writing section. As a result, your total band rating improves. 

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